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Entry #3

Flash Loops

2010-03-14 15:09:44 by ChannelInfinity

Random Loops are random....

The Ice Cream Loop

Good Boy

The Point of this was test of animation... very....small....test..............


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2010-03-14 16:19:39

Wow dude your flashs remind me a lot of Marcy and Tommy VF's style of animation.

You're a pretty good animator and I would like to know if you want to join up with my and currently 21 other people in a flash crew. We generally spam the portal however on the forum we discuss a variety of things and help each other out.

Anyways if you're interested here is the link .htm

ChannelInfinity responds:

I never saw the point of crews that spam the Flash Portal, Kitty Crew, Clock Crew, more...
Thanks for the compliment though.